Friday, March 9, 2012


It's been a longish week....well the migraine didn't help but work has been really really slow as this is our slow period before people start building. It's good for getting all those small tasks done that I always put off...but once those are done..what then? Oh well, I haven't completely run out of things to do, just things I want to do!

I had my trusty gruel this was the best one so far since I started back eating the combination just right. The only problem is that these oats are *gasp* MINUTE OATS! But, they are not the instant little packages full of sugar and crap. I am some Vegan Becel margarine and a lil brown sugar et Voila!
I feel a little de ja vu here..have I mentioned this before???

Getting a bit of a break from parenting this weekend. The mini me is going to her spend the weekend with her dad. We will see how long it last, I told her she had to go for the whole weekend because she needed a break from us...and thought I didn't say it, we also needed a bit of a break from her.

She called as I was typing that last sentence to ask me if she really HAS to stay with her dad for the whole weekend. I told her to see how it goes once she gets out there (he lives on the AHN) and see if didn't feel differently about. I guess he got a new ski-doo the last time he was home (he works out of town for 2 months at a time). I really hope she stays the whole weekend. Truth be told, I need a break. Does that make me a bad mom? I love her so but sometimes she is so hard to deal with!

I took some nice pics of the sunrise this morning...I'll email them to myself so I can post them on brb...:)

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