Friday, January 29, 2010


well it's not like I write on here for comments..but my vain self would like to see's Friday and the temp is warm..:) The sun is shining more and more as spring continues to approach...thank goodness.

Tomorrow is a partial "pamper-me day". I am having a pedicure done. Luckily it's 50% off so I am only paying $35. It's a good thing because this salon isnt good enough to charge $70 for a spa pedicure. Last weekend, I had a manicure done and I wasnt that impressed with it. She didnt put a base coat on before she painted my nails, so they were stained when I took the nailpolish off. She also didnt do any top coats so the nail polish came off quite quickly. But with a pedicure, I'm not sdo concerned with the polish as I am with the skin. My feet need a good scrubbing with a pumice and I cant seem to manage it myself. My feet are too sensitive and I always

Have I mentioned George? I got George for my birthday. He's my Iphone. I love him and squeeze hm and call him George..:) I bought George a pink dress...he looks so pretty..:) I was never a big fan of Apple before now...but George has converted me..:) Now if only I could convert him.

Anywho, back to the TTFN

Thursday, January 28, 2010


the more i think about it, the more i want to do some creative writing...but how? I dont do good with self taught courses....i cant be my own teacher. I need guidence. But who has time to go to a i have spare time, I "try" to get to the gym...ok well it's been a week, but I think I might go tomorrow.

wow it's hard to type fast with fake nails...they really are too long..arg. But hey, I did them myself and saved myself $70.00...:)

anyway..back to the dilemma. i wonder if there is a book called "creative writing for dummies"...I'm gonna google it...brb......yup....there is..but i cant seem to copy and paste the url. dangit. well anywho, I'll look it over and see what I think.

hey i got my hair cut's nice and short. Easy and fast to take care of in the morning...I guess i would rather sleep
This isnt my hair but it's so pretty I decided to put it
well i have some chores to i better get to them....nite nite all

just some random summer pics to remind me thast winter does not last forever

I wish ...

...that I was more of a creative writer. My problem is that I get bogged down with all the little details. I just cant write for the sake of writing. I've always wanted to write a romance novel but I dont have the foggiest idea of how to start. I remember that I loved writing in High School. I enjoyed learning the mechanics of writing and the proper formation of sentences. But that was 20+ years ago. I dont remember those rules anymore. Hell I'm lucky if I remember to use punctuation!