Thursday, November 26, 2009

11:20pm, Nov 26th

The Cup is over and we are relaxing at the apartment we are staying at. A few of our friends are here and we are just having a nice smokeout together. I'm tried so many strains of week that I forget which ones I have smoked. Now we have a few days to get some sight seeing done, just the to of us.

I have a deadly cold tho. Ug. But what can I do? I'm trying to smoke it out of me.


Nov 26, 2009 10am

Good Morning.

YBG (YukonBikerGuy aka my hubbins) and I are sitting here (in Amsterdam) with our friends Batiba and Hashbean. We are getting ready to smoke a cannon with oil on the paper. The pot is Amnesia and the oil is a mixture of oils. Tastey...:)

I woke up with a touch of a cold this morning. I'm not the only one with this cold. Oh well...just have to suffer thru it I guess. Have 4 more days yet before we head home. I miss my kid and my dog and my cats and my stuff and my bed and my hottub! I'm having fun but I cant wait to get home!!

Still Kinda steamed about the thing with the family member that I mentioned yesterday. Lost some sleep over it. But there is nothing I can do about it so I'm just going to live my life and hope for acceptance. I will not pretend to be someone I am not.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Posting From Amsterdam I am in Last night I went to a party called "The Legends of Hash"...the best hash makers in the world. Got to hit a 40 year old bong with some legendary people. Amazing..I will post more on this when I get home.

I'm really here to vent. I posted something on my facebook page about my vacation and got heck from a family member because said person is embassessed that all her friends can see my status. OMG...I'm 38....enough already.

Anyway, as a consequence, I think I am going to delete my facebook account or do down to a very limited account. Then I'm going to use this blog to keep in touch with people. It sure won't be as detailed or current as a facebook update would be.