Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well trying again to write a blog

I have a strong desire to write, yet I am afraid to start.  What if it is no good anyway?  Why bother? Well that's my inner brat talking to me, I don't know her name, but FlyLady let me know of her existence!

So I decided I was just a timer for 5 minutes...just 5 minutes...and blog.  So, I just turned the timer on and have my thinking cap on.

And about blogs....I mean....lots of people spend time writing and honing their writing, and I always thought that blogging was sorta off the cuff and on the spot.  I think I will Google blog and see what I get...brb...


 So I guess the term blog covers a wide variety of types.  Mine is a type of  online diary, so very informal.  Well that works for me for now. 

Been struggling with lots of things lately, losing weight, eating, work.  I feel like I am trying to swim up a water-fall.  What I need to do is turn around and go with the flow, not against.  Working thru it may help.  I may reach an epiphany while I am here.  Here's hoping.

I'm been trying to make a little but of extra money by selling baked goods...haven't really hit on the best one yet, but I have only tried tea buns and shortbread cookies.  Oh and home-made bread too. The ad on FB ( has only been up for a few hours.  I'm trying to find something that I can make cheaply, and quickly.  It doesn't make too much sense to spend hours and tons of time on something you really can't sell for a lot..baking...lol.  Maybe fudge?

Well there goes my timer.  If anyone reads this and has a suggestion of baking that you would buy, just to give me an idea of what people like and want, that would be so great if you would leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading.

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