Sunday, October 28, 2012


Happy Sunday folks.  It was a relatively nice weekend.  Well my child was a handful during the day on Saturday, but went to a sleep-over and we all got a break from each other.

Tomorrow I am starting a 30 Day Cleanse.   IsaGenix

Here are my goals.

1.   lost 15 pounds. (brings me to 185)
2.   follow the program to a T
3.   share the program with as many people as I can.

Not only is this program an amazing detoxing and fat-burning system, but the online support is amazing.  I belong to several online support groups on FB and they are there for any questions I might have and support me thru this part of my journey.

On top of that, the earning potential is amazing!  I just wish I could get my team started.  Haven't found the right people yet!  ARG!

Well, lead my example I guess..:)

However, the family has decided to try this for supper tonight...a pizza from pizza dog stuffed arteries are hardening while I type!  But everything in moderation, and I will not be eating like that in these next 30 days, so it's all good!

I just learned today that I can do an "all-shake day" on this program.  So instead of the one 400-600 calories meal, I will have 2 shakes, 4 shakes in total.  I have decided that I will do this on my hot yoga day (Tuesday), as opposed to doing a deep cleanse on that day.  Then I will do the deep cleanse on Wednesday & Thursday and that works out just great for me.  Wednesday is ariel yoga and Thursday day is reformer chair pilates.  I have done deep cleanses for both those classes with no issues.

The Walking Dead is on tonight.  I LOVE THIS SHOW!  I have to also say that I love my DVR.  I would miss all my shows if not for that.  Funny thing is, the whole reason I got the machine was to record The Biggest Loser....turns out the new season wont start airing til JANUARY 2013!  But it's all good because I am watching all of the Lost Girl episodes before the new season starts.  We also record Grimm, Survivor and tons of kids shows.  Beauty!

Anywho, got chores to finish.  See you on the flip side!

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