Friday, October 26, 2012

TGIF I sit...time counting down my time.  It was a long week.  My work-place was involved in a table discussion to try to make the office function better.  It was just one step in the process but a very emotional one.  I hope it works.

My industriousness of last weekend on the quest to earn some money to buy a LuLu Lemon sweater thingie kinda backfired on me.  I did sell maybe 1 dozen of them and make a bit of money, but I ate more than I sold, and well...I gained weight.  All that white flour and sugar and butter...yup...right to my gut.  My pants are all too tight and my belly is bloated.

The key for success for me is to plan. I guess that is everyone's key really. Some people seem to be ok without it, but that is not me.

Ok..plan my day...I have that done already actually.  I have a great nutrional program already, one that allows me to not even think about what I am eating, just follow the plan.

(there goes my 5 minute timer!)

IsaGenix is amazing.  But my willpower when it comes to sweets is not so much.  I HAVE to be regimented in order to succeed.  I am also determined to reach my scale goal SOON!  I just keep ticking like a Timex watch!

I will leave you with a pic I took of myself recently!

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  1. I am a planner too when it comes to my eating! I need the structure in order to succeed.