Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

So I changed my weigh-in day to Fridays..and last Friday the scale said 218.5...for a total loss of ...DRUM ROLL PLEASE....FIVE POUNDS!!!!

So seeing that number on Friday made me determined to eat well over the weekend, which I succeeded at quite well. I am getting better at making heathy food choices and keeping my serving sizes appropriate.

Yesterday was a very large day for me. At lunch I did my chest and back workout, 15 minutes on the ski machine and then last night i did a yoga class and boy did I sweat! It was so awesome and I cant wait to get starting on the class that I signed up for that starts on the 2nd of April.

Last night when I was getting ready for bed, I was looking in the mirror and I actually liked my face...it was a strange feeling because usually I think bad things about myself when I look in the mirror. But I finally feel like I deserve all the good things I am doing for myself and I'm not feeling guilty anymore about spending some time on my own self-improvement. It sure helps that BikerGuy is backing me 100% in my endevours towards self-improvement and I have several friends who are also on the same road to health as I am. We are all at different stages but that's ok because I can see what I've come from and I can see what I am going. Life is grand..>:)

Oh ya...and on top of that, BikerGuy mentioned to me the other night that he has been thinking of us getting married and that if we can work out our few issues we have, then it's something he would like to work towards. It's funny because I did this "25 things about me" post for FB a few weeks ago and one of the things I said was "I'd love to marry my partner but I dont think it will even happen". I guess that got him thinking about things. Awesome. It would be kinda cool to get married in Amsterdam when we go there in November but I want my daughter to be there when (if) we ever get married. I guess we will just have to see how things go..:)

Wow this is the most I have written on here...EVER! I guess I tend to type alot when I am happy! TTFN!

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