Monday, March 9, 2009

1 week in

I lost a pound...better than going up right?

Last week was definitely a learning week for me. But I did get to the gym 4 times and several of those included both cardio and weights. I stuck to the WW plan mostly, but I think I'm not eating enough. Although the mind boggles at how someone can not overeat and still not lose more than 1 pound. Oh well. Not giving up. Just gotta tweak the food I guess.

I am also going to start taking some antioxidents in the form of Mona-Vie acai fruit juice. And if I am lucky, I can convince a few people of the benefits of this juice and drink my juice for free. I'll keep the blog informed of my progress with that. I want to try it first and see if it makes any difference in my health before I really start promoting it.

I also planned a new weight workout using the tools found on this site. I'm excited to do the first workout tonight. I'm going to do cardio at lunch time and weights tonight. Wish my luck..:)

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