Friday, December 7, 2012

I need to vent

and since I cant do it on FB without the whole world reading it, I will blog it..:)

How can someone I've known for over 5 years, who I've supported thru every crazy decision you've made, who's dog I walked when you were sick, who's puke I cleaned up when you couldn't handle it, who asked me to deliver pain killers and doobies to when you were too sick to get out of bed, who I listened to many times when you were having trouble with your relationships, who was my Maid of Honour at my wedding, who's wedding I preformed, who welcomed me into your home many times, who I pulled into MY circle of friends because you were my friend, just throw our "friendship" that all away for "perceived" wrongs? The ones you made up in your head?  How could you possibly know I was pissed off at you since you never asked me, not even once?  Gee, I guess the friendship was one sided that whole time because I sure thought we were friends.  At least I cared about you. And no, not knowing my phone number, in this age of technology, is not a reason to say we weren't friends.   I sent an email to you with my heart on my sleeve weeks ago and you can’t even bother to reply.  Ya, I guess we were just client and trainer after all and I just had the wool pulled over my eyes the whole time. It must have just about the money then, because when I stopped training, you didn't even bother to contact me at all.  I must have been paying for your time all along. I guess if your friends don't chase you down, then they are beneath you.

I’m just glad your true self has shown herself.  I knew it was just a matter of time before I fell from your good graces…seems like everyone does eventually.  At least I won’t waste the next 5 years with someone who doesn’t care about me anyway.

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