Monday, December 31, 2012

Almost 2013

I can't sleep for the urge to write.  So here I am.  Laid in bed for an hour thinking about the difference between resolutions and goals.  Because I won't be making any resolutions this year.  What I will be doing is reaching for several goals that I am going to set for myself for 2013.  Some are financial, some are physical and some are just spiritual.  Those last ones are still mostly unknown yet.

So here is a definition for "resolutions":

a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.
"Goals" :
 the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
So I am not just "resolved" to reach my goals...I WILL REACH MY GOALS!
People make resolutions all over the place on the 31st, but not many make it past the 1st of January.  
My goals are concrete and are not vague.  They are measurable and have ends!
They include, in no particular order:
  • run a 1/2 Marathon in August 
  • reach my goal weight of 160 pounds (by the time I run the 1/2 in August)
  • save enough money for a tummy tuck
  • replace my husband's income with my 2nd line of income, so he can quit his office job
  • be well on the way to my own retirement from cubicle land (I don't even have one of those!)
  • empty out my storage locker
  • get out of debt (as much as possible)
Wow...that's lots of goals...none of them are "immediate".  Mostly long term goals with a fewer shorter term goals in amongst them. 
I have others of course, like eat healthier, get rid of gluten again, and as much dairy as I can, out of my diet.  I just don't think I can do without cheese...or eggs.  The rest can be gone. 
I don't eat beef (ok very very rarely) and I also rarely drink milk, usually chocolate if at all.  I always pay for it later.  Eggs are a staple for me.  Not totally sure if I am intolerant to those too.  I just assume I am.  Hmm...should dig out the papers on that allergy testing I had done and remind myself what it says.
No pork for this girl either.  I eat chicken and moose.  Someday I am sure I will be vegetarian...maybe even vegan, but I just haven't quite figured out how to do it yet, in a house of carnivores.

to be continued

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